Fire Prevention


Division Chief
Andrew Von Holt 

The City of Brampton Fire and Emergency Services are truly leaders and innovators in the field of Fire Prevention. Under the supervision of Division Chief Von Holt, this division is recognized as one of the most progressive and respected in the country. The division consists of a Division Chief, and two Assistant Division Chiefs, two administrative assistants, and 15 Fire Prevention Officers. 

 With most of the public education responsibilities and related programs handled by our Division of Fire/Life Safety Education, our Fire Prevention Officers are able to concentrate more fully on the critical tasks of fire code inspection and enforcement and fire investigation. This has resulted in making our city a much safer place in which to live and work.
The duties of this division are as follows:

  • Public Relations
  • Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
  • Issuance of Burning Permits
  • Firework Permits
  • Records Maintenance
  • Computer Training
  • Code Enforcement
  • By-Law Enforcement
  • Public Education
  • Plans Examination
  • Fire Safety Consulting (limited)
  • Fire Investigations

This division is located at our Fire/Life Safety Education Centre, however each fire station has at least one Fire Prevention Officer assigned to it. These officers work directly from these stations. This has led to a more direct involvement between firefighting personnel and fire prevention, and any issues which are of concern to the fire crews are quickly dealt with. This team approach is one reason for the success of our fire prevention efforts.

Each and every Fire Prevention Officer is highly trained in at least one specialized area. We have officers that are experts in fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, plans examination, wood energy technology, fire investigation, computer technology, and many other areas of fire protection technology. Most of our officers have come from the private sector, and they have brought a wealth of knowledge and experience with them.

Alternative Solutions for Ontario Fire Code Compliance

The Ontario Fire Code, which applies to almost all buildings in the City of Brampton, allows for an “alternative solutions methodology” that provides for a greater deal of flexibility in how an owner can comply with the prescriptive requirements for Division B of the Ontario Fire Code.
Property owners can propose individualized “alternative solutions” to prescriptive Ontario Fire Code requirements which meet their standards and serve as a substitute for a portion of Division B of the Ontario Fire Code. To facilitate this alternative solution methodology, a company needs to obtain the services of either a professional engineer or an architect, who would then submit a report to the Brampton Fire and Emergency Services’ Chief Fire Official for final approval. This report must be submitted on Form A, “Project Specific Ontario Fire Code Alternative Solution Proposal”. Click here to access form.  

Business and commercial property owners

Please use the following guide to understand your responsibilities under the Ontario Fire Code for maintenance of fire protection equipment.

Please view this page for important information regarding "Part 4" of the Ontario Fire Code, which deals with the storage of flammable liquids.

Care Occupancies

If you are the owner or operator of a Care Occupancy, you have some very specific obligations under the Ontario Fire Code. For more information about those obligations, please see the information at the following links:

Two Unit Dwellings

If you are the owner of a two-unit dwelling, often also referred to as a basement apartment, and wish to ensure that your two-unit dwelling meets the fire safety provisions of the Fire Code, then please review the following information and follow the directions found there.
It is important to note that Fire Prevention Officers are designated as Assistants to the Fire Marshal by Ontario law. As such, they are law enforcement officers and do not provide fire safety consulting services.
For more information on Two-Unit Dwellings click here.

Alternative Measures for the Shutdown of Fire Protection Equipment and Systems

If the fire protection equipment or systems at your facility are shutdown for any reason, please see the following information: