Division of Fire Fighting

Banner_FireFightingDivision.jpgThe Division of Firefighting operates from 13 full-time stations strategically located throughout the City.

The division consists of the following personnel: 4 Platoon Chiefs, 8 District Chiefs, 72 Captains and 292 Firefighters.

We operate on a 4 platoon system, and all members of this division work an average of 42 hours per week.

Brampton Fire & Emergency Services covers an area of 265 sq. km., and responded to over 20,478 emergency calls in 2014.​


  • ​Fire Suppression & Rescue
  • Public Relations
  • Emergency Medical Response
  • Fire Safety Education
  • Auto Extrication
  • Home Safe Home Program
  • Hazardous Materials Response
  • Mutual Aid
  • ​High Level Rescue
  • Industrial Rescue
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Charity Services
  • Commercial Fire Inspections
  • Public Assistance
  • Assists In Training Programs
  • Water Rescue
We are fortunate to be supplied with the most modern tools and equipment available. Every first response truck is equipped with a thermal imaging camera, which gives fire fighters the capability for extremely quick and efficient search and rescue during fire situations.
As well as fire and rescue operations, Brampton's firefighters are called upon extensively to provide emergency medical care. We are trained in Emergency Medical Response, Basic Life Support, and CPR. All trucks are equipped with Semi-automatic external defibrillators to provide immediate assistance to heart attack victims.
We also operate 3 specialty teams for Hazardous Materials incidents, Technical Rescue and Automobile Extrication.

Platoon Chiefs

Gord Fowler
John Clare
Ed Davis
Paul Bebbington

District Chiefs

collapse Platoon : Platoon A ‎(2)
James Taylor
Philip Starr
collapse Platoon : Platoon B ‎(2)
Richard Murdock
Peter Reid
collapse Platoon : Platoon C ‎(2)
Mark Evans
Doug Dimitroff
collapse Platoon : Platoon D ‎(2)
Alex Clark
Scott Henderson