Emergency Programs

Emergency management plans are important, but of little use if they remain on a shelf to gather dust. In Brampton, we have emergency programs that deliver on those plans.  

Emergency Management

Someone said that change is the only thing that remains constant, and in a city like Brampton change is extremely fast. The emergency management part of our program maintains, adapts and upgrades our level of preparedness. We intend to regularly evaluate how change has impact on our community and its safety.

The City of Brampton has addressed all five phases of emergency management and is continually updating plans. Our goal is to be ready for anything!

  • Emergency Management Program CommitteeTesting Exercise, 2005
    With membership from all City departments, this committee reviews and oversees the Emergency Management Program.
  • Community Emergency Management Coordinator
    The Manager of Emergency Management is the official Community Emergency Management Co-ordinator (CEMC) for the City of Brampton. In case of an emergency, this person or an alternate will activate the Emergency Plan of the City.


In Brampton we believe in training the people and testing the plans. Exercises serve both of these functions.  

During major exercises, we have simulated:  

  • a train derailment during a major snow storm 
  • an overturned truck with hazardous materials on Highway 410 in the middle of a heat wave
  • an airplane crash in the industrial part of Bramalea
  • a train derailment during a severe thunderstorm multiple tornados