Levels of Service

The City of Brampton services its roads on a priority system. Primary roads (includes arterial and major collector roads, such as Main Street and Bramalea Road) are cleared first followed by servicing on local residential streets and courts.
We do our best to maintain municipal roads, sidewalks and recreational trails within 24 hours after the end of snowfall. It may take longer if weather conditions are severe.
Remember to clear the way! Don’t park on your street until it has been salted or plowed, otherwise your car may be towed.

Roads - Primary Service Roads, Local Residential Streets & Courts

Road ClearingPrimary roads are:

  • roads that carry high volumes of traffic, like Main Street and Bramalea Road
  • on permanent Brampton Transit/Züm bus routes
  • the first to be cleared when it snows
  • treated with salt brine and/or salted as needed and then plowed continuously during any snowfall

Local residential streets/courts are:

  • maintained after primary roads are complete
  • treated with salt (sand may be used during extreme cold weather)
  • only plowed when a single storm results in 7.5 cm or more of snow

Important notes about primary roads and residential streets:

  • residential streets with a Peel Public or Separate School are treated as primary roads
  • the snow pile in the middle of a court is removed when there is not enough storage area for the next snow event
  • do not expect to see bare pavement on local residential streets/courts during the winter season


Sidewalk ClearingSidewalks are plowed and sanded if they are:

  • on primary roads like Main Street and Bramalea Road
  • in front of City parks and recreation facilities
  • curb-faced (no grass boulevard)
  • behind a property (reverse frontage)
  • on a road with Brampton Transit/Züm bus stop locations with permanent transit service

Where sidewalks are not cleared by City crews, property owners are responsible for clearing snow and ice from sidewalks in front of or beside their property. Failure to do so by 11 a.m. the day after the end of a snowfall could result in a fine under a City By-law. Learn more.

Walkways - City - Cleared

Walkway ClearingStreet-to-Street Walkways are: plowed and sanded during sidewalk plowing
Street-to-Park Walkways are: plowed (minimum 5 cm) or sanded once winter maintenance at the recreation facility parking lots is complete

Recreational Trails - Within City Parks

Recreational Trails within City Parks are:

  • plowed once winter maintenance at the recreation facility parking lots is complete (minimum 7.5 cm)
  • expected to be completed within 24 hours after the end of a snowfall

Parking Lots - City - Cleared

City-Operated Recreational Facility Parking Lots are:

  • plowed within 24 hours after the end of snowfall (minimum 7.5 cm). A heavy or continuous snowfall may extend this period to 48 hours or more
  • sanded or salted as required and on a continuous basis during a snowfall

Municipal Parking Lots are:  plowed or salted prior to 7 a.m. and then as required throughout the day.

School Crossings

School Crossings are: hand cleared and salted as required throughout a snowfall

Brampton Transit/Züm Bus Stops, Shelter Pads & Terminals

Bus StopBrampton Transit/Züm Stops and Shelter Pads are:
  • cleared and salted
Brampton Transit/Züm Bus Terminals are:
  • salted as required throughout a snowfall
  • plowed when snow accumulations reach 4.5 cm