Increasing opportunities to travel by rapid transit within the city and surrounding communities is essential for supporting the evolution of Brampton to a sustainable “future ready” city that embraces a high quality of life for all citizens.
Light rapid transit investment will play an important role in changing how people get from place A to place B and the transformation of the urban environment.  This study will examine and determine the preferred route, either along the McLaughlin Road or Kennedy Road corridors, to connect Brampton GO Station to the Gateway Terminal Station at Steeles Avenue.

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Dec 12 Council Motion

On December 12, 2018, Council approved a motion to study a LRT extension on Main Street from the Brampton Gateway Terminal to the Brampton GO station, and bus rapid transit (BRT) on Kennedy Road and McLaughlin Road.  The full motion can be viewed in the December 5, 2018 Committee of Council meeting minutes (Item 8.3.4)
Staff will be bringing a report to Committee of Council by the end of Q1 2019 outlining a strategy to proceed with the projects from Council’s motion including preliminary cost estimates.  Main Street LRT will examine options for TPAP (Transit EA) approved surface alignment, Reverse George Street One-Way Loop surface alignment, and Tunnel options.  Kennedy/McLaughlin will include both BRT (dedicated bus lanes) and Züm (mixed traffic) options.  Further information will be available following the report to Committee of Council.