National Public Works Week 2016 Celebrations

​In 2016, the City of Brampton invited staff, politicians and Brampton residents to celebrate the impact of public works on the community. This year's theme was "Public Works Always There".

Poster Contest

  • Poster Contest WinnerLocal students in grades 1-3 had the opportunity to participate in Brampton’s annual poster contest and draw pictures describing what public works meant to them.
  • Jasmine Estevao, a second grade student from Guardian Angels Elementary School, won the contest and was presented a t-shirt with her artwork by Mayor Linda Jeffrey at the
    May 11th, 2016 Council meeting.

School Tours for Kindergarten to Grade 5

  • School ToursInvited students toured the Sandalwood Works Yard to see equipment and learn about Public Works.
  • City staff demonstrated how back-hoes, water trucks and street sweepers operated.
  • The students learned how street signs are made, and received a starter lesson on how roads and sidewalks are built.

Chief's Challenge

  • Chief's Challenge WinnersIn a relay-style competition, teams of senior management representatives competed in a series of competitive challenges in order to determine which team knew the most about Public Works.
  • After a fierce battle, the Public Services department came out on top!

Truck Rodeo and Loader Challenge

  • Skills CompetitionThe two-day competition really put drivers' skills and knowledge to the test.
  • In each event, competitors had to operate either a tandem dump truck or a John Deere front-end loader through a tight obstacle course of cones, barrels and barricades.

Annual Staff Bus Pull Challenge

  • Bus Pull ChallengeThe 16th annual NPWW Bus Pull Challenge consisted of 21 teams, who competed to see who was the fastest to pull a 40-foot bus 300 feet.
  • The top prize went to “We Permit You to Lose” from the Permits division, while the prize for Best Team Costume was awarded to “Shona's Gnomes” from Animal Services.

Stormwater Management Pond Tour

  • Stormwater Management Pond Tour120 grade 5 students were given a tour around John G. Hooper stormwater management pond in Brampton.
  • Students learned about ecosystems and stormwater drainage and helped plant trees around the pond.

 Other Events

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Public Open House Tours
  • Career Forums
  • City Hall Atrium Displays
  • Employee Recognition Awards Ceremony