Fitness & Sports


Fitness Programs

​Whether you want to participate in a variety of drop-in programs or register in a class, our fitness programs meet your specific needs!

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Fitness Programs
Our fitness programs meet your specific needs! Whether you want to exercise with baby, walk and tone, learn how to use weights or lose some weight these programs can help. Did you know that some fitness programs are free or discounted for annual membership holders? Check your favorite programs for more details.

Wellness Programs
These sessions use a holistic approach to health and will empower you to take greater control of your life. Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and Nia will help promote a positive lifestyle.

Sports Programs
Regular participation in physical recreation is effective in achieving physical and emotional health. Recreation offers sports programs for youth and adults. Whether you are interested in team sports or lessons, we provide activities that are challenging and fun.


Community Centres with Fitness Facilities

For specific information about each centre and applicable fitness membership rates, click here.