Environmental Master Plan 

In Brampton, the City currently owns over 6000 acres of parkland and natural environment.  These areas provide a vital service to all Brampton inhabitants and the City has a three pronged Grow Green approach to its open space system, which involves protection, management and enhancement initiatives. 

Through the land development process, the City ensures that all significant and sensitive natural environmental features including valleylands, wetlands and woodlands are protected from the impacts of development.

Once protected, the City undertakes sustainable management practices for different spaces within these public areas that strive to maintain and, where possible, enhance the health and vitality for all inhabitants.

In the City’s parks system, all turf is pesticide-free and is maintained with environmentally-friendly practices that ensure a comfortable setting for residents.

In its natural heritage system spaces such as valleylands, woodlands and wetlands, the City is committed to ecosystem management practices that remediate past damage and restore and enhance natural functions.

The following links demonstrate the City’s commitment to providing sustainable leadership in the provision and maintenance of parkland and open spaces.