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Our Goal: Protect an​d respect water as a non-renewable, life critical resource.​

Access to clean potable water needs to be recognized as a limited resource. Lake Ontario and the 5 river systems that run through Brampton provide the City with a diverse natural heritage system, drinking water for our residents and water for household and commercial use, recreation, sewage treatment and many other functions.

What are we measuring?



  1. Protect and enhance water quality 
  2. Reduce consumption of potable water 
  3. Increase use of captured or recycled site water 
  4. Reduce and manage surface runoff as stormwater


​Conserve water and manage rainfall and snowmelt as a resource to improve the quality and quantity of water returned to the environment to limit disruption to water flows and contamination of water sources and habitats. Please click here to review Brampton's Water Action Plan