Grow Green Master Plan Cover page photo

Our Goal:
Reduce impacts on air quality 

Clean air is fundamental to life. Air pollution damages ecosystems and negatively affects human health. Poor air quality in cities is increasingly being recognized as contributing to respiratory diseases, including increased levels of asthma, particularly among children and the elderly. As the City and the GTA grow, levels of contaminants are expecte​d to rise and health risks will increase.

What are we measuring?​



  1. Decrease corporate and community emissions caused by vehicles, buildings and operations 

  2. Create walkable, bike-friendly and transit-supportive urban environments 

  3. Enhance natural areas and increase the urban tree canopy 

  4. Develop a strategy to ​support active transportation and traffic demand management


​Improve air quality to reduce human health impacts and limit contributions to climate change. Click here ​to see Brampton's Air Action Plan.