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Grow Green Eco Pledge 

Take the Pledge​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Choose at least one action that you can commit to doing from April to September. If you feel ambitious, try two or three actions. There are a variety of options to choose from (see the chart below), so find the perfect ones that match your lifestyle.

Want to take smaller steps? Consider the Acorn level options (they are great for kids too!). Want more of a challenge? Try the Oak level options. Want something in between? The Sapling level is for you.

Why make a pledge? Click here for information on how each pledge option helps our planet.

To make your pledge, simply fill out the form below. Everyone who commits and successfully completes the Eco Pledge will receive a certificate of merit.



Walk or ride a bicycle for those short trips in my neighbourhood
Turn off my car engine when stopped for 30 seconds or more (except in traffic)
Car-pool or take public transit at least once a week
Turn off the wa​ter while brushing my teeth
Wash my vehicle at a commercial car wash, and not on my driveway
Install water-efficient taps throughout my home
Plant a native flower or tree in my yard
Leave grass clippings on my lawn
Eat one or more vegetarian meals per week
Turn the lights off when I am the last person to leave the room
Set the thermostat to 21 degrees in the fall/winter and 25 degrees in the spring/summer
Choose Energy Star appliances
Use a refillable water bottle
Use my green bin for all my food waste
Re-purpose or donate gently used unwanted items

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