Education and Training

Through our public education initiatives, we provide help you find answers to questions such as:

Assessing the Risks
Consider the likelihood of various types of major emergencies in your neighbourhood or workplace, and the impact each would have, to prioritize
your personal preparedness efforts.
Community Emergency Response Volunteers (CERV)
Become well-prepared to offer assistance in a major emergency.
Face emergencies with the confidence that is gained from increased knowledge and practical preparedness techniques.
Emergency Preparedness Month
During the month of May, Emergency Preparedness Month, the City holds various events. These events gives everyone a chance to meet emergency responders, see them perform simulated responses, examine the tools they use and receive free documentation.
Play these games and activities to test your emergency preparedness knowledge.
Kids & Youth
Explore these resources targeted to the younger generation.
Teacher Resources
Emergency Management can tie in to many topics required by the Ontario curriculum.