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Emergency Preparedness Tips


As the warm weather begins to approach around this time of year, it is important that we stay aware of the dangers associated with the Spring thaw. One of these hazards that can become eventful is flooding. Flooding (in various forms) can potentially interrupt many of our daily activities relating to your home, roadways, and watercourses within the community.

If major flooding occurs in your area:

• Have food on hand that needs little to no cooking and no refrigeration. If the electricity goes out, you’ll need it.
• Listen to a battery powered radio for flood or storm updates.
• Stay on firm ground. Moving water 6 inches deep can sweep you off your feet.
• Wear gloves and boots at all times to avoid touching anything with bare hands or feet.
• Go to higher ground.
• Watch for debris, like branches and broken glass when you come back after the flood.

• Don’t attempt to enter closed buildings, secured areas or bridges. They are closed off for a reason.
• DO NOT drink, wash or walk in floodwater. It may be contaminated by sewer water.
• Don’t drive through flooded roadways. The road may have been swept away under the water.
• Don’t put valuable items and appliances in the basement where they are more likely to be flooded.​