Mount Chinguacousy FAQs

expandWhat happens to the hill and programs when it’s heavily snowing/raining? Will lessons still run?
Our hill operates programs in all weather conditions including heavy snow, rain, sleet, wind,
and sunshine. Our instructors are trained to deal with various weather conditions and to
ensure that quality lessons take place.  In severe conditions (lightening, fog) we may have to
postpone lessons.  Lessons cancelled by Mount Chinguacousy will be added to the end of our
regular 8 week schedule.
expandCan I register for an 8 week program after it has already started?
Lessons for the first timer (Penguin, Step 1, Lil Ripper 1, Level 1) cover a lot
of important skills on the first day.  Joining late causes delay’s for the rest of the group.
Please contact the Snow School office Programmer to discuss a private lesson to assist
Participant in catching up on skills learned so they can join the group.
expandWhat if I have missed my first lesson? And other lessons?
To help the participant catch up with the group, we suggest you take a private lesson
before you attend. This will ensure participant will be at group level and not holding them
back, especially for the first timer.  If you miss the second lesson, they must demonstrate the
appropriate ability to join the class.  This is to ensure a steady and fair learning pace for all
participants.  Make-up lessons will not be available due to participant illness or personal
expandHow long are lessons for 8 week lessons?
Our 8 week lessons offer a 1 hour lesson and 1 hour of practice time after their lesson.  This
valuable time to be used to practice what they have learned and work on increasing their
skills.  Practise time must be taken after lesson time.
expandWhat happens if participant does not meet program abilities?
We make every effort to move participant into a lesson that suits their ability level.  Note
that sometimes we may have to move them to a different day and or time to accommodate.
Participants cannot move from different times and days to accommodate personal
commitments or for a make-up lesson.
expandI purchased rentals, but have bought my own equipment before 8wk program is over, what do I do?
There are no refunds for ski or snowboard rentals after the second lesson has been completed
expandI have changed my mind, can I withdraw from the program?
Yes you can withdraw, but requests must be done at our administration office. Withdrawal’s
will be pro-rated from date of withdrawal, not based on attendance. A $10 administration fee
will be applied, per person, per program. Click here to view our new process for withdrawal requests.
expandAs parent or guardian of participant, what else should I know?
If your child is 10 years or younger a parent or guardian must be onsite at all times while
they are on the hill
expandAre there refunds for tow tickets, rentals or tube hill tickets?
There are no refunds on hourly or daily rentals, tow tickets or tube hill tickets.
expandMy child wants to rent ski or snowboard equipment. How do I do that?
All persons who wish to rent equipment are required to provide a phone number and valid Government issued PHOTO ID and signature on rental waiver agreement and have a parent or guardian provide their Government issued PHOTO ID.  Note all persons must sign rental waiver agreement and anyone 18yrs and younger must have a parent or guardian sign rental waiver agreement
expandHow do you get snow on the hill?
We have state of the art snowmaking equipment.  Once the weather drops below -7c we are
able to start making snow.  So if you have grass in your yard in December and March we will
have snow on the hill.
expandWhat clothing should I wear to go skiing or snowboarding or tubing?
Winter clothing will guarantee a fun time outside.  A warm winter specific jacket, ski or
snowboard pants layered with long underwear, ski or snowboard helmet, goggles to protect,
your eyes from the cold or if it is snowing, winter gloves or mitts.  Clothing and accessories
are not available to rent.
expandHill Safety Policies
  • Personal equipment must be stored in the provided racks outside the chalet.  Equipment  is not permitted inside chalet universal ski locks are available to purchase in the rental shop
  • Personal equipment must meet the following standards:   snowboards must have a full continuous metal edge, boot locking binding, snowboard leash, (no plastic snowboards)
  • Skis must have a ski brake. No safety straps

  • Helmets are highly recommended for all programs and are mandatory for Li’l Rippers,

    Level 3, Instructor in Training, Freestyle and for use in the Terrain Park.

  • Please adhere to the Alpine Responsibility Code that our Ski Patrol enforces. If

    you are not following these rules, ski patrol has the right to ask you to leave the

    premises.  If unsafe behaviour persists further action will be taken-this ensures

    everyone’s safety.

  • Anyone wishing to be on skiable/snowboarding terrain, past the spectator area MUST HAVE EQUIPMENT AND LIFT TICKET ON.  Walking on the slopes is STRICKLY PROHIBITED. 

  • Pending conditions, our kids area will be open for parents who do not ski to watch their child on the beginner slope 

expandDo you rent helmets?
Yes we do.  Helmets are not included in ski or snowboard hourly rentals.  An additional fee will apply.  It is highly recommended that you have your own ski or snowboard helmet for lessons.  Your local specialized ski and snowboard shop can provide different styles, fit, colour and goggles to match
expandWhat if participant does not want to come to their scheduled lesson due to weather, illness or personal commitments?
Makeup class, compensation or rescheduling will not be available due to participant illness, weather or personal emergency.  Click here to view our program & service information.
expandDo you offer ski and snowboard tuning service?
Our rental shop is equipped to provide tuning service.  Keeping your equipment waxed and sharpened will provide better performance and help improve your skills.
expandWhat else does the rental shop offer?
Our Pro shop has a selection of JR/SR goggles, ski locks, snowboard leashes, ski & snowboard socks, stomp pads, snowboard binding parts and tuning equipment