Fireworks Complaint Process

To alert the City about illegal use of fireworks, call 311 so that an Enforcement Officer may be dispatched.
To make a formal fireworks complaint and request a City investigation, you must be willing to complete a Witness Statement Form and record the following details:

  • Who – Description of the person you saw committing the offence and any other relevant information
  • What – What by-law offence was committed and details on how it happened
  • Where – The exact location where the offence happened or continues to happen
  • When – The exact dates and times when the offence happened or is happening

Where there is more than one witness each witness should maintain his/her own notes and fill out an individual Witness Statement Form.

Witness statements important. They allow Enforcement Officers to investigate complaints when the offence has only been witnessed by a resident, not an Officer. If charges are laid as a result of information received in a witness statement, the witness may be required to attend when the case comes to court.