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Second units (basement apartments)
What is a second unit?
A second unit is a self-contained apartment consisting of a room
or rooms in a detached, semi-detached or townhouse dwelling. The
unit may be in any part of the house, not just the basement. Some
people call these apartments granny fats, nanny suites, or accessory
A second unit has a separate means of entry (which may be through
another unit), a kitchen (or cooking area) and bathroom facilities, and
may be as small as a single room that contains all of these features.
Are second units legal in Brampton?

The Zoning By-law permits second units in detached, semi-detached or
townhouse dwellings provided that certain requirements are met. To be
legal, the second unit must be registered with the City.
Requirements for second units include:

1. A limit of one second unit in any dwelling.
2. At least one additional parking space must be provided on the
property for the second unit, in addition to the parking for the main
unit. In most cases a total of three (3) spaces must be provided on the
3. The size of the second unit is limited to 45% of the gross foor area
of the main dwelling. If the dwelling is a bungalow, the second unit
can be up to 75% of the gross foor area of the main unit.
4. The entrance to the second unit can be located in the side yard or
rear yard, as long as there is a 1.2 metre (4 foot) clear path of travel
to the entrance from the front of the dwelling.

5. The second unit must comply with the Building Code and/or Fire
6. Registration of the second unit is required as set out in the Citys
Second Unit Registration By-law.
To ensure that any dwelling is safe for all residents, as well as fre and
emergency workers, it must comply with the Ontario Building Code
and/or Fire Code. Second units that do not comply with either the
Zoning By-law or the Building/Fire Code will not be permitted to register
as a two-unit dwelling.

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