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the authority of the Planning Act. For more information or to get an application
form, call 311 if you are in Brampton, 905-874-2101 from anywhere or visit and search for applications.

Making a complaint

All complaints regarding zoning and the use of property will be investigated.
To make a complaint, call 311 if you are in Brampton, call 905.458.3424 from
anywhere, or e-mail
For more information on the Zoning By-law visit

(from Zoning By-law)
*zoned means an area of land designated for a certain use under the Zoning
By-law (e.g. residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, agricultural)
*minor variance means a small exception to the Zoning By-law that is granted
to a property owner by the Committee of Adjustment, an autonomous tribunal
established by the City.

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