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Dog pens/runs
Pets and animals
The Dog Licence By-law allows dog
houses, pens and runs to be located on
residential property, but the structure must
be at least 2 metres (6.5 feet) from the
boundary of the property upon which it is
located. This is to reduce the impact on your
neighbours (i.e. noise, odour, drainage).

If the dog house or pen is LESS than 10 square metres (108 square feet),
no building permit is required. See the Sheds and Accessory Structures
section, as well as the Fences section of this guide for more details.

Kennel buildings
Every person who applies for a kennel licence or operates boarding
facilities for animals must meet the following terms:

Kennel buildings must be separate and not attached to residential
buildings (homes where people live) as outlined in the Dog Licence

The location of kennel buildings must conform to the Zoning By-law
and the Ontario Building Code

Kennel buildings must be maintained in damage-free condition
according to the Minimum Maintenance (Property Standards)

Kennel buildings must have:
electric lighting
windows that may be opened for proper ventilation
a heating system suffcient to adequately heat the building
hot and cold running water
a food preparation area

Where animals are permitted to use an outside area as part of the
kennel, that area must be surrounded by a solid board fence that is at
least 1.3 metres (4 feet) in height. The wall of a kennel building may be
included as part of the fenced-in area. A fenced-in area is not required
when the outside area is more than 60.96 metres (200 feet) from all
property lines.

If clipping and grooming are provided as part of the kennel, these
activities may take place inside the kennel building only.

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