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A deck, porch or patio that is less than 0.6 metres (2 feet) above the
porches and patios
ground and is not attached to the house is permitted by the Citys
Zoning By-law and does not require a building permit.

When would I need a building permit?
A building permit is required for:
1. a deck or porch that is physically attached or anchored to your house
2. a deck or porch that is 0.6 metres (2 feet) or more above the ground

In addition, the deck must meet the requirements in the Zoning By-law
(i.e. distance from the property line).

Contact Zoning Services at 905.874.2090 for more information about
requirements for your property. For more information about building
permit requirements, contact the Building Divisions Permits Section at

Do I need a permit to install a patio in my
back yard?
Yes. A Fill Permit is required before changing the landscape and/or grade
of a property, which includes installing a patio.

Fill is any type of material deposited or placed on lands, including soil,
stone, concrete, asphalt, sod, or turf. Meeting the requirements of a Fill
Permit ensures that surface drainage on adjacent lots is not affected by
the work performed. Properties are built with specifc drainage features
in place and altering those can cause water to pool and risk fooding.

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