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The Minimum Maintenance (Property Standards) By-law outlines
Building maintenance
standards for living in, and taking care of, property in Brampton. This
includes making sure that all buildings are structurally sound*, in
good working order and maintained to prevent deterioration or unsafe
situations. These standards are enforced to ensure the safety and
attractiveness of the community.
Items covered under this By-law include, but are not limited to:
exterior walls, eavestroughs, foundation walls and basement,
downpipes, soffts and fascias cellar or crawl space foors
canopies, marquees, signs, exterior stairs and porches
awnings, stairways, fre escapes, garage doors
stand pipes, exhaust ducts, holes, ruts & excavations, rubbish
air conditioners and similar or other debris; anything that may
overhanging extensions attract or harbor rodents
roofs including fashings, domestic storage
chimneys, smoke or ventilation suitable ground cover
stacks, and other roof structures dead, decayed or damaged trees,
windows, exterior doors and branches or other natural growth
basement or cellar hatchways inoperative and/or unlicensed
shutters, screens, sashes and vehicles
casings, weatherstripping and fences, retaining walls and other
handrails structures
outdoor lighting and garbage receptacles and
ventilating ducts containers

Hiring a contractor
If you hire a contractor or tradesperson to complete work on your property
(i.e. renovations, repairs, landscaping, etc.), the City recommends you
make sure the person has a licence to do the work. The Citys Business
Licensing By-law requires businesses like contractors, fence installers
and plumbers to have a licence to operate in Brampton. This helps protect
consumers by ensuring that these businesses meet an established standard
for safety and are properly insured.

(from Minimum Maintenance (Property Standards) By-law)
Structurally Sound
(1) Every part of a building, including an accessory building, shall be maintained in a
structurally sound condition so as to be capable of sustaining safely its own weight and
any load to which it may be subjected.
(2) The exterior walls, roofs and other parts of the building shall be free from loose,
rotted, warped and broken materials and objects. Such materials and objects shall be
removed, repaired or replaced.
(3) All exterior surfaces shall be of materials which provide adequate protection from
the weather.
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