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Brampton Animal Services & Summer Students

​​Have you had someone come to your door this summer who said they work for Animal Services? Are you wondering if they are a legitimate employee?

The City of Brampton is working with the Region of Peel this summer to assist youth. This initiative provides them with job opportunities that allow them to develop necessary skills to build a foundation for their future.

The students working with Animal Services will be wearing identification badges that include their name and that they are associated with the City of Brampton. These badges will be presented to the public if asked for proof of employment. Our students are accompanied by an Animal Control Officer who is in uniform and present in the location they are going the door to door. If you as a resident are hesitant, you can ask to speak with the officer. They are helping to promote the need for responsible pet ownership and licensing of cats and dogs in our community.

Benefits of licensing:

  • allows a dog or cat to be returned to its owner without having to step foot in the shelter. This reduces stress on the animal as well as the owner and risk of the animal becoming ill when in a different environment
  • allows Animal Services to provide emergency services to your animal by assisting Police, Fire and EMS
  • allows the City of Brampton to effectively evaluate the need for pet specific resources based on pet population and location (leash free areas, etc.)
  • a licensed animal is more likely to be approached by a member of the public when wearing its tag. This will allow an opportunity for your animal to be kept safe in times it might get out.

Please call Animal Services at 905-458-5800 for more information.