Brampton GIS

Brampton GIS ServicesGIS Services acts as a city-wide co-ordination point for driving spatial information management initiatives, by assisting City departments in redesigning business operations and translating business needs into viable GIS based solutions. We will be successful by delivering to our clients, expertise and direction in the provision of GIS data, GIS applications and GIS consulting. Our goal is to fulfil the role of Subject Matter Experts in terms of spatial information for the corporation.

The GIS Services section will be leveraging our ability to deliver spatial information via the browser environment to ensure access by the public and by staff. To the public, this will be delivered via our mapping website located at To internal clients, we will be delivering our services to meet their business requirements via the City’s corporate intranet. By delivering our services in such a matter, all employees of the corporation with access to a computer will have access to spatial information.

In addition to delivering new and improved services, GIS Services will continue to lead the way on providing spatial and technical solutions for key City initiatives. These initiatives include participation with other departments on such things as the Growth Management Plan, Transit Master Plan and future elections, to list but a few examples.

The GIS Services Section provides specialized services to the various City of Brampton departments. We consult with the departments to first understand what their business processes and drivers are. If they have a GIS requirement, we then spatially enable any existing data sets that they may have. This allows their information to be brought into the GIS environment for spatial analysis or display to help resolve the business issue. GIS can be used to aid in both the decision making process and for operational or facility management processes. GIS can act as both a decision support and operational support system.


GIS Services has established the following key objectives to satisfy corporate requirements for spatial information:

1. Public Service – GIS Services’ key objective is to deliver spatial information that the public can easily use. This objective has already been undertaken with the launching of our website We will continue to publish information for the various city departments onto the site. In addition, over time, this will include applications for specific city organizations or interest groups, such as the business community and the builder developer community. These applications will be developed in conjunction with the city’s E-Business Development section.

2. Internal Effectiveness – Through the use of spatial information, departments can realize operational efficiencies. Via a combination of web delivered services and client specific applications, users will have access to the spatial information that they require. The web delivered services will be delivered to all city staff that have access to a computer. Client specific applications are for data maintainers and data analysts who require something more robust than web delivered GIS to perform their job functions.

3. Keep Spatial Information Current and Derive Value From It – Every person who has worked in the GIS industry will say that “a GIS is only as good as the currency of the data contained in it”. Our final key objective is to keep the City’s spatial information current and to perform in depth analysis when required. We will achieve this objective by ensuring that user departments that are responsible as data custodians have the means to easily maintain their data. When necessary we will act as the data maintainers or quality control specialists to perform some hands on work, but will prefer to facilitate or consult for the user departments to be successful. When in depth GIS or spatial analysis is required, the GIS Services’ expertise can be called upon to perform analytical spatial studies for the City.