Make a Difference

Group of students in a classroom

City Tours

Youth are invited to get a tour of City Hall to learn about the City of Brampton and how municipal government works.

Bill 108

How do you feel about the City having lesser money to spend on parklands, recreation centres, libraries? That’s what the Ontario government’s Bill 108 will do to Brampton. It will limit the City’s decision-making process when it comes to how we plan and develop our community. Bottom line is that this bill is good for developers and bad for taxpayers. Learn more and voice your concerns to your MPP.  

#FairDealForBrampton healthcare advocacy campaign

We need a #FairDealForBrampton healthcare. Healthcare in Brampton is chronically underfunded, especially in comparison with the rest of Ontario, and we’re asking the Province to deliver on immediate funding and expanded facilities for Brampton. The campaign runs until fall 2019, when we’ll be taking busloads of residents and armloads of petitions to Queen’s Park to demand action.
You can help. Sign the petition, be a voice at Queen’s Park and share your story. Visit for full details.
We also need committed volunteers who are passionate about healthcare to help run our campaign and make a difference in the community. It’s a great way to get in your high school volunteer hours and support an important issue for Brampton. If you’re interested in getting involved, visit or email