University Update


Limited Procurement Approved

Brampton’s Committee of Council has approved a report authorizing City staff to begin some limited procurement efforts for a new centre of education, innovation and collaboration in downtown Brampton as part of the university project.
This allows staff to begin the pre-qualification process to hire an architect for the joint-use facility planned in conjunction with the university, as well as necessary studies to better plan a facility and move through the regulatory process. The City will be able to keep pace with Ryerson University’s progress towards the campus building.

Announcement Timing

The Province had initially indicated a late 2017 timeline for a significant announcement about the successful proponents and the plan for a new university in Brampton. The process to get to that point has taken longer than expected. We now don’t expect a Provincial announcement until early in 2018.

The work continues despite this short delay, as the City works with post secondary, business and public sector partners to bring a new STEM focused university and a centre of education, innovation and collaboration to Brampton.

Economic Impact Study Highlights Transformative Benefits
Consultant urbanMetrics Inc. recently completed an economic impact study that clearly articulated how these developments will spark jobs, investment, reputational and social benefits – in the Downtown and across the city – bringing new opportunities for generations of Brampton residents. See the full report or the highlights page.

City Commits to University Investment Strategy
Brampton City Council made an historic commitment to an investment strategy for a once-in-a-generation opportunity for a university and a centre for education, innovation and collaboration in Downtown Brampton.
Council endorsed, in principle, investing up to $50M over 10 years into a post-secondary facility, and up to $100M into joint-use community space to support a university, business innovation and collaboration, community interaction and cultural growth.
Staff has begun working with the City’s partners on a Memorandum of Understanding, outlining details of the partnership and establishing a process for measuring the impact of the municipal investment.
The City is excited to continue its discussions with Ryerson University, Sheridan College, the Province and all stakeholders to develop a unique centre that combines education with innovation and collaboration – something beyond a traditional university campus.

The next steps

  • Develop a Memorandum of Understanding between all partners
  • Continue to work with partners to develop plans for a new university and centre of education, innovation and collaboration
  • A formal announcement by the Province on plans for a new university in Brampton


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