Economic Impact Study

In 2015, the Blue Ribbon Panel commissioned an economic impact study evaluating the economic benefits of establishing a university campus in the City of Brampton. urbanMetrics Inc. presented a report clearly articulating the benefits a university would bring the city, and the transformative impact it would have.

Some highlights

  • A one-time construction impact adding more than 1,800 jobs, and ongoing operations would add more than 1,500 jobs
  • A one-time construction economic impact of almost $373 million, and ongoing impact, including student and visitor spending, of $220 million
  • One time construction impact of 2,275 full-time years of employment, of which approximately 80% will be in the City of Brampton
  • Ongoing operational impact of 1,650 full-time years of employment, of which approximately 86% will be in the City of Brampton


Read the full economic impact study or the condensed version.

“The City of Brampton is an ideal location for a university campus as it would achieve the governments’ key priorities of addressing affordability and sustainability…(and) make postsecondary education more affordable for Brampton residents.”
(Brampton) has socio-economic characteristics that support strong demand for university education both now and in the future.
Intellectual property developed at universities results in significant opportunities for business spin-offs and commercialization within the local community.
Universities also play a key role in terms of establishing, sustaining and expanding industry clusters within their regions