Tree Damage

City Trees | Boulevards and Parks

Call 311 or email to report City trees that are leaning on private fences, sheds and homes. City staff will then inspect these situations for immediate hazards.

If you choose to remove City trees that are impacting your property, this will be done at your own expense.

Trees | Private Property

All tree-cutting restrictions that were suspended to help ice storm cleanup have been reinstated. Property owners must seek City approval in order to cut a tree with a trunk diameter larger than 30 cm, and 1.37 m from the ground.

More info about the City's Tree Preservation By-law 317-2012

For non-emergency damage to private trees, residents are encouraged to contact a qualified arborist to assess the situation. Should residents decide to bring down their private trees partially or fully, they are required to notify and seek City permission first.

Safe Removal of Damaged Trees

Damaged trees and fallen branches can be unpredictable. The City of Brampton recommends that residents seek qualified, insured tree care professionals to perform work on branches larger than 15 cm (6 inches) in diameter, or on trees within 4 metres of overhead lines.

Hiring a Tree Care Professional ('Arborist')

  • Verify qualifications and ask for references.
  • 'Certified Arborist' describes a person who has been recognized by the Province of Ontario or the International Society of Arboriculture for their tree care expertise. Persons having this qualification should be able to produce documentation with their credentials.
  • Verify that tree services are the primary focus of the company
  • Verify up-to-date insurance coverage.
Residents are advised to be wary of service providers in 'unmarked' vehicles or those requiring cash payments.