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​Fireworks permitted on private property for New Year’s Eve​

BRAMPTON, ON – Can’t make the City’s New Year’s Eve Celebration? Good news – you can still enjoy fireworks, but you must do so safely.

New Year’s Eve is one of four approved holidays when short-range fireworks are allowed on private property, without the need for a permit. Short-range fireworks are those that tend to travel less than three metres (10 feet) when set off, such as fountains, wheels, ground spinners or sparklers. All other rocket-type fireworks are banned. Fireworks are not allowed to be used on the street, sidewalks, within City parks or on municipal or school properties.

If you choose to go against the rules set out in the City’s Fireworks and Licensing By-law, you could be fined a minimum of $500. To date in 2017, enforcement staff has laid 12 charges against residents in contravention of the By-law, and has issued 13 Orders to Comply. Staff has also charged two businesses with selling/possession of prohibited fireworks, and one business for operating without a license, as vendors are now required to take an annual course and obtain a license from the City to sell fireworks.

When using short-range fireworks on your property, be sure to follow these safety precautions:
• You must have a container of water or a hose line that’s filled with water available to extinguish fireworks
• You must never light a firework or hold a lit firework in your hand, other than a sparkler
• After using sparklers, place them in a container of water to fully cool before disposal
• Allow all fireworks to fully cool before disposal

Residents are encouraged to call 311 if they are concerned about the use of any prohibited fireworks they may see. Doing so could prevent injury or damage to property.

For more information on fireworks in Brampton visit For some quick tips on fireworks safety watch this video


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