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Laroop Digital - tailoring a business to fill a niche; Focus found at Brampton Entrepreneur Centre

​With nine years as an online specialist in the marketing industry, Lovedeep Puri realized that the nine-to-five was just not for him.

Lovedeep had new business ideas and decided to free up his time to pursue them. After trying a few different things, he began to find his niche. “We soon saw there was a need for quality web development services, at reasonable prices, for small businesses,” said Lovedeep.

That was the start of Laroop Digital, a business that has now become a Brampton-registered global company. Lovedeep has a full-time developer, and contractors located around the world, working remotely to minimize overhead and save time and money for clients. “Our business model has a strong focus on process, which allows us to deliver the great service we do, and still manage cost.”

While looking for hiring grants a year ago, Lovedeep came across Starter Company, an entrepreneurship program funded through the Province of Ontario’s Youth Jobs Strategy, and delivered through regional or municipal offices like the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre.

“The Brampton Entrepreneur Centre and Starter Company offered an awesome level of support,” said Lovedeep. “I’ve been able to really focus on my business plan and dig deep into pricing models. Hats off to them for putting a great program together.”

Laroop Digital built a client base by reaching out to small businesses with a homepage re-design offer. This effort resulted in a conversion rate of almost 50 per cent. “Almost every customer we worked for gave us great reviews on our work,” said Lovedeep.

He’s retaining and growing his client base with a focus on service and a quality product, and is planning to leverage that growth into a leading position as a small business website provider and digital marketer in Canada.

Growing his business and the Brampton community are now intertwined for Lovedeep. He’s used the contacts he’s developed through his connections with the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre and Starter Company to expand his client base and get exposed to new business skills and ideas. He’s also giving back, as he is now delivering workshops and seminars on digital marketing and web design to other aspiring Brampton entrepreneurs.

The Starter Company program is one of the many resources entrepreneurs with plans to launch or grow a business can tap into. The Brampton Entrepreneur Centre runs events throughout the year to support business and connect entrepreneurs. It also offers individual consultations and advice, and is the access point for funding and programs to support start-up and established businesses. Go to for more information.


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