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Speaking Notes

CARP Flag Raising in honour of National Seniors' Day

The following are speaking notes for Mayor Linda Jeffrey from the Flag Raising ceremony organized by CARP in honour of National Seniors Day:

Good Morning and welcome to Brampton City Hall.

It’s an honour to stand up here as Mayor to pay tribute to Brampton’s CARP members and by association to all our older residents as we take part in this flag raising ceremony.

In Brampton there are upwards of about 70,000 seniors choosing to make Brampton their home.

We have over 70 seniors’ organizations in Brampton, CARP being one of the strongest advocates.

I’ve always believed that it is very important to harness the wisdom and experience of our older residents by laying the groundwork for a healthy, vibrant and active seniors’ population. 

As our residents age,  sometimes they need modificatons to their physical environment in order to allow them to fully participate. That’s where we, as a council, can help.

Being the ninth-largest city in Canada, we have gone through a lot of growing-pains and I know that we need to listen to  our older residents to make sure that we make the right types of investments so we can plan for a better future.

We need to continue to grow and expand our collaboration with our seniors’ organizations. Already, some of my most active residents are our seniors. 

They were some of my strongest advocates for bringing a university to Brampton. 

Seniors are also some of our most active residents – they’re in great shape and they are this city’s best volunteers.

They make use of and enjoy the city’s facilities, libraries, recreation centres and our parks and trails. 

Living in Brampton my whole adult-life, I have come to understand and appreciate the significant contributions that seniors’ organizations make to our wonderful city every single day. Seniors never stop giving back to the community.

I want to thank all of our CARP members for their attendance today and your assistance in making life better for the people of Brampton.

You are persistent in your advocacy and I appreciate that you  ensure that the voices of our older residents are always heard.

I will remain committed to seeking your opinion, listening to your ideas and finding ways to make life more affordable, livable and enjoyable for our seniors.

Today we celebrate you as we raise a flag together.
Thank you.​