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Mayor Jeffrey's Remarks for National Public Works Week

Good Morning. I’m pleased to be joined here this morning by my fellow colleagues from Council.​

Now in its 58th year, National Public Works Week is celebrated in municipalities across North America. 

It’s a way for us to recognize — and properly thank all those important individuals who work tirelessly to keep Brampton moving.

This year’s theme is “The Power of Public Works”. It speaks to the important role that public works plays in all of our everyday lives. Whether it’s 
  • Building or maintaining our roads, sidewalks and bridges
  • Clearing our snow – I bet you’ll miss hearing from my colleagues about that darn ice storm
  • We don’t say it often enough but we really appreciate how much work it is to maintain our many beautiful parks and green spaces – thank you.
We rely on what you do each and every day -  all of the things you accomplish each and every has a impact on our lives here in Brampton. Your professionalism allows us to continue with our daily tasks of getting to work, to school, to appointments and enjoying leisure time with our family and friends.

Most importantly you are part of why we as a City are turning a corner – you are part of Brampton’s ongoing transformation.  With Ryerson University coming to our downtown and council investing $100 million in a joint use Centre for Education, Innovation and Collaboration the future has become very bright.  The City of Brampton staff and the terrific work you do every day, I believe, is why Ryerson chose us.  We have a lot of city building ahead of us – some really exciting opportunities and I’m proud to work with you in achieving our shared goals.

There are lots fun activities planned all week, including the always popular staff bus pull on Thursday morning –Joe Pitushka will provide more details about Thursday’s event.

So in closing, I want to thank everyone here who is a member of our Public Works staff.  Thank you for all your hard work and your dedication to our city and our residents. Thank you!

Navdeep K Dhaliwal
Senior Advisor to Mayor Linda Jeffrey | City of Brampton
905-874-2000 Ext. 47004 |