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2017 Provincial Budget Addresses Brampton’s High Growth Needs

BRAMPTON, ON – The following is a statement by Mayor Linda Jeffrey on today’s Provincial Budget.
The Honourable Charles Sousa, Finance Minister of Ontario, submitted the 2017 Budget to the Ontario Legislature today.
Brampton, as a high growth city, welcomes the 2017 Provincial Budget. Brampton is the second fastest growing city in Canada, and is currently the fourth largest city in the province. Our needs are quickly evolving and having the ability to plan and chart our future with predictable Provincial support allows us to capture the full economic potential of the rapid growth we are experiencing.
Investments in public infrastructure are critical to a high growth community, and the Province’s continued investment into transportation and public transit provides me great confidence in continuing to expand and develop our transit system, which is currently experiencing some of the largest ridership growth numbers in the province. The Province’s investment of $84 billion over a 10 year period, coupled with infrastructure support from the Federal government, allows our city to be bold in continuing to tackle gridlock for our residents.
Brampton has the youngest population of the 10 largest cities in the country, with many young families calling our city home. OHIP+ Children and Youth Pharmacare, which is going to fully cover the cost of prescription medication for everyone 24 years and under regardless of family income, will truly help the residents of my City. 
Meeting Brampton’s health care requirements are a key priority for our residents. The $7 billion investment in health care will expand mental health and addiction services and include $1.3 billion to reduce wait times, a concern of utmost importance to my residents as our population continues to rapidly grow straining our existing health care facilities. The province will also be expanding access to care and long term care with an additional $518 million investment in public hospitals operating funding, and a $58 million investment in Long Term Care Homes, where our City is currently experiencing tremendous wait times.
The budget helps Brampton to continue to strengthen our high growth public transit, health care, and infrastructure needs. I am committed to continue to work closely with the Provincial Government to ensure the high growth needs of Brampton’s hard working residents are addressed.
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Jaskaran Singh Sandhu
Press Secretary, Office of the Mayor
City of Brampton
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