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Mayor Jeffrey Discusses Brampton’s Provincial Pre-Budget Priorities With Minister Sousa

Minister Charles Sousa visited Brampton City Hall today to meet Mayor Linda Jeffrey and discuss Brampton’s 2017 Ontario government pre-budget submission and other important priorities for the people of Brampton.
Discussions between Mayor Jeffrey and Minister Sousa focused on:
(1)  Brampton’s post-secondary expansion plans (
(2)  Riverwalk‎ (
(3)  All day two way GO (
(4)  Auto insurance (which is disproportionately higher for Brampton residents compared to other Ontario jurisdictions)
(5)  Regional governance and the desire to see the issue of Brampton’s fair share of Regional seats move towards a quick resolution
(6)  Fair share funding for our high growth community (Seeking to reform social and community health services funding so every child and family in Peel has equal access to the services they need)
“Brampton has rapidly grown into the 9th largest city in Canada. With the Provincial government’s help we can leverage that growth and our diverse population to become the innovative and exciting magnet in building a better Brampton. We thank Minister Sousa for taking the time out of his busy schedule to visit our City Hall to sit down and discuss Brampton’s priorities prior to tabling the 2017 Budget in the legislature.” - Linda Jeffrey, Mayor of Brampton
“Investing in Brampton is part of our plan to grow Ontario’s economy and create jobs. By providing municipalities and communities with a greater share of revenues, we are helping enhance important city services in Peel region and across the province.”
-  Charles Sousa, Minister of Finance
Jaskaran Singh Sandhu
Press Secretary, Office of the Mayor
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