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Mayor Jeffrey’s Budget 2018 and End of Year Statement

Three years ago you elected me to disrupt the status quo at City Hall.
As your Mayor, I recognize the importance of financial prudence and integrity.  Within days of arriving in office in December 2014 I reduced my salary by $50,000 - this reduction in salary has to date delivered approximate savings of over $184,000.  As for my Office Budget, we have spent over a quarter million dollars less than my predecessor did last term – we are doing more with less.
Yesterday after weeks of debate we approved our 2018 budget – it’s a budget that helps us finally address a lack of vision that resulted in decades of neglect and planning that favoured developer friendly residential sprawl.
In this budget we are investing in public safety by adding new fire trucks and firefighters.
We are investing in more transit by increasing our fleet with 34 new Zum buses to expand bus rapid transit to help you and your family get to where you need to be. 
Best of all we are investing in better education.  We are investing 150 million towards a joint use centre for education, innovation and collaboration which will completely transform our City and will attract job creators and commerce.
And finally the Province recognized the great need we have in the City for more access to better health care.  Only a few weeks ago Minister Hoskins came to announce the next phase 2 of Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness. 
These are exciting times in Brampton, we are finally pushing forward after years of stagnation – that comes at a price, but it is worth it if it means we are building a better future for our residents.
We are building a city of more than just homes – Brampton will be more than just a sleeping city.
I remain committed to the promise I made to you 3 years ago.  I promised to challenge the status quo, to do things differently, and I know you expect no less of me.
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Jaskaran Singh Sandhu
Senior Advisor, Office of the Mayor
City of Brampton
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