Audit Guide to Part 4 of the Ontario Fire Code

On August 21, 1998, Part 4 of the Ontario Fire Code dealing with flammable and combustible liquids takes effect. Compliance with part 4 has been phased in based on the specific requirements. There are three compliance dates. The first compliance date coincides with the effective date of August 21, 1998 and applies primarily to preventative and maintenance procedures. The second compliance date is August 21, 2000, at which time equipment and process changes that have a high life safety impact must be completed. All other equipment, process and fire protection changes, with a few exceptions, have a compliance date of August 21, 2002.It is important to recognize that a deficiency that is not corrected by the compliance date is a violation of the OFC and is subject to prosecution. A building permit may be required where corrective action involves material alterations to building structures or fire safety systems.

To assist property owners in implementing these new requirements, an Audit Guide and a Comm​entary have been developed by the Office of the Fire Marshal. These documents are designed to provide an overview of the regulation governing use, handling and storage of flammable and combustible liquids.

Not all of the requirements are addressed in these two documents. Persons using these guides are reminded that, for accurate and complete reference, recourse should be made to the actual regulations since the an Audit Guide and Commentary do not replace the specific OFC requirements. The OFC, an Audit Guide and Commentary may be purchased from Publications Ontario. Orders may be placed over the phone by dialling 1-800-668-9938.

Audit Guides to Part 4 of the Ontario Fire Code

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Audit Guide (335 kb) - complete document (includes sections applicable to residential and retail occupancies)

Audit Guide for Residential Occupancies (67 kb) - mini Audit Guide applies only to residential occupancies

Audit Guide for Retail Occupancies (67 kb) - mini Audit Guide applies only to mercantile occupancies