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Animal Services: Living with Coyotes

Unfortunately Animal Services have no way of tracking coyotes.  They are very territorial and have family units, so it is likely that the residents are seeing the same coyotes, just in various areas in close proximity.
There is also absolutely no way we can keep them out of residential areas.  They typically spend much of their times in the ravines (the golf course certainly has them) and there are so many access points into the area, including roadways that would be an impossible task.  They enter residential areas when there is an attractant such as a food source.  So people should be reminded not to leave food out for animals, to consider removing bird feeders (the small birds and rodents on the ground gathering seeds which have fallen are food sources), to ensure they keep their garbage properly contained and do not put it out until the morning of collection day, keep cats indoors and always walk their dogs on a leash of only six feet.
It is not unusual to see an increase in activity at this time of year as they prepare for winter.  Please find information pamphlets, attached here, or website for information at
Coyote Brochure.pdfCoyote Brochure.pdf