Taxicab Advisory Committee

In December 2015, Council approved the re-establishment of this committee, effective 2016.


To provide a forum for the various interests of Brampton's taxicab industry to discuss with City Officials identified issues and proposed solutions affecting Brampton's taxicab industry.

The Taxicab Advisory Committee may consider matters within the following areas of interest or such other areas as Council may determine from time to time:

1. Tariff rates
2. Accessibility
3. Licensing
4. Customer relations
5. Waiting Lists/Priority Lists
6. Driver safety
7. Vehicle standards
8. Taxi stands
9. Owner/Operator working relationships
10. Industry representation on TACs


Minimum of two Members of Council, plus Council Member on Accessibility Advisory Committee

Taxicab industry representatives:

- Two plate owners (as defined in Licensing By-law) and who are not taxicab brokers
- Two drivers (as defined in Licensing By-law) and who are not plate owners
- Two taxicab industry representatives who are brokers (as defined in Licensing By-law) to be appointed by City Council on recommendation by the licensed taxicab brokers

Two citizen appointees who do not work in the taxicab industry

One member of the Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC), who is to be appointed by City Council on recommendation of the AAC, and an alternate who may act on behalf of the appointed member in his/her absence

2016-2018 Committee Membership: Council Members

City Councillor G. Dhillon – Wards 9 and 10, Chair  
City Councillor P. Fortini – Wards 7 and 8, Vice-Chair
Broker Representatives:
Milton Bhangoo
Makhan Dhother
Joe Farrugia
Avtar Grewal
Plate Owner Representatives:
Louis Gotzamanis
Amarjit Grewal
Zafar Tariq
Jaswant Uppal
Driver Representatives:
Daljit Gill
Rajinder Rai
Lynn Slade
Citizen Representatives:
Ravinder Chahal
Sushil Ninawat
Accessibility Advisory Committee Representative:
Raymond Shaver


Term of Office:

Concurrent with the term of Council, ending November 30, 2018, or until successors are appointed

Established By:

Recommendation CS165-2015, approved by Council Resolution (December 9, 2015)


To be confirmed - Quarterly, or more frequently as may be determined by the Committee or at the call of the Chair, on the second Monday of each month at 1:00 p.m. at City Hall

Supported by:

City Clerk's Office



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Contact Information
Sonya Pacheco, Legislative Co-ordinator
Telephone: 905-874-2178