Asset Management Training and Innovation Centre

The City of Brampton is responding to Canada’s Innovation Agenda by working collectively and collaboratively with our peers across all public sectors, and in partnership with local and global business leaders, to demonstrate global leadership in asset management.
In June 2017, the City of Brampton, in partnership with the Asset Management Academy, launched the first-ever Asset Management Training and Innovation Centre in Canada endorsed by the Institute of Asset Management (IAM); the international professional body for asset management. The IAM Qualifications: Certificate and Diploma focus on international best practices in alignment with the ISO 55000 standard for asset management.
Effective January 1, 2018, the Ontario Regulation 588/2017: Asset Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure requires that every municipality develops a strategic asset management policy by July 1, 2019, and a phased asset management plan by July 1, 2024. The training and networking opportunities offered in Brampton will help municipalities develop staff capacity to successfully meet the regulation requirements.

The IAM Certificate – Principles of Asset Management
The IAM Certificate, a pre-requisite for the IAM Diploma, is geared to those who are either new to asset management or have some initial experience of working in an asset management role and wish to learn and apply international best practices. Certificate candidates cover the following course modules:

  1. Principles of Asset Management
  2. Asset Management Policy, Strategy and Planning
  3. Managing Asset Life Cycle Decisions and Activities
  4. Assessing and Managing Asset Management Risk
  5. Financial and Business Impact
The IAM Diploma - Advanced Asset Management
The IAM Diploma is geared towards those experienced in asset management roles. Diploma candidates cover the following modules:
  1. Strategic Asset Management
  2. Asset Information and Knowledge Management
  3. The Asset Management Plan and Capital Planning
  4. Managing Asset Management Change
  5. Contractor and Supplier Management
  6. Sustainable Asset Care
  7. Understanding Whole Life Costs

Upcoming Training Sessions

The IAM Certificate (3 Days)

Session #5
Course Date - October 15-17
Exam Date - October 17

The IAM Diploma (7 Days)

Course Date:
  • Session #2A: September 10-13 (4 days)
  • Session #2B: October 16-18 (3 days)
Exam Date - October 19 (3 hours)
The exam is strictly voluntary, and it is the responsibility of candidates to register as a free affiliate member of IAM in order to write the IAM Qualifications exam at the City of Brampton (IAM-approved exam venue).
All payments need to be paid at least 15 days prior to the commencement of the training course. Confirmation of registration is only upon successful processing of payment.
Disclaimer: The IAM Examinations Board is responsible for assessing exams and awarding the IAM Certificate and IAM Diploma. It is also responsible for quality assurance of the IAM Qualifications, including identity verification of those claiming to possess the qualifications.