Youth Survey Results

​Brampton youth have their say

Survey says...Brampton’s first youth survey report is here

The Benefits of the Survey

  • Better understand how to allot funding to youth-related programs
  • Develop a comprehensive youth policy that accurately reflects youth
  • Baseline data for deeper research into youth and future of cities

Youth-Related Initiatives

Council approved a number of youth-related initiatives in its 2016-2018 Strategic Plan. To support these initiatives, the City recognized the need to have a better understanding of Brampton’s youth, their priorities and opinions.
Young people expressed a keen interest to be involved in building Brampton’s future, with the majority of respondents expressing interest in attending meetings about the city’s future (41.6 per cent yes, 38.4 per cent maybe).

And while they have much to celebrate in Brampton, there are also areas where they seek improvement, or there is the opportunity to address their needs in new ways.

This information will feed into key corporate initiatives including, but not limited to: 

The Office of Community Engagement  

Builds the City’s capacity for community engagement to inform, engage, and initiate two‐way feedback with the public on key decision-making initiatives through professional programs, services and products.