Budget 2015 Tele Town Halls

Mayor Jeffrey, along with Councillor Miles, Councillor Fortini, and City of Brampton staff, hosted a Virtual Town Hall for Wards 7 and 8 on March 4, 2015

As part of its ongoing Let’s Connect community engagement process, the City of Brampton recently hosted a series of five Virtual Town Hall meetings. More than 15,600 Bramptonians participated in these events, which offered residents an opportunity to speak directly with their Councillors and the Mayor about their level of satisfaction with City services.
In addition to providing input into the 2015 Budget process, these Virtual Town Halls also allowed residents to tell Council and the Mayor about their long-term priorities. This information will affect future decision-making about City budgets and services.
We heard from a large and diverse group of residents, and the most common messages we heard were to:
  • Prioritize service levels, and maintain or expand current services
  • Invest in in road and transit infrastructure
  • Focus on long-term economic development
  • Show demonstrated efficiencies in how tax dollars are being spent
During each Virtual Town Hall meeting, participants were invited to respond to live-polling questions. These polls identified common priorities across the city, and showed that:
  • In 4/5 Wards, residents say two-way, all-day GO service is the most important transit priority
  • In 5/5 wards, the community favours hosting a university campus in Brampton
  • 5/5 wards support a reduced fare for veterans and students on local public transit
On February 26, Mayor Jeffrey and Councillor Dhillon participated in the Virtual Town Hall for Wards 9 and 10
At the April 8 Special Council Meeting, Mayor Jeffrey spoke about what she gained through her participation in the five Virtual Town Halls, stating, “What I came away with… is that few individuals know or are following what decisions are being made at City Hall around our service levels. “ Mayor Jeffrey also emphasized that involving Bramptonians in City decision-making, through various community engagement initiatives such as Virtual Town Halls, is a key priority for her.
For more information about Let’s Connect and the City of Brampton community engagement programs, please contact Pamela Clark, Community Engagement Coordinator, at Pamela.Clark@brampton.ca