Community Service Satisfaction Survey

​The 2015 Community Service Satisfaction Survey shows that 74% of Bramptonians are very/somewhat satisfied with municipal services overall


The City of Brampton recently conducted its 2015 Community Service Satisfaction Survey. For this survey, the City hired Forum Research to conduct phone interviews with 1,200 randomly-selected residents during January and February 2015. Residents were asked about their concerns, and were invited to rate their current level of satisfaction with City services.
The survey showed that the vast majority of residents want the City to either maintain (45%) or expand (43%) service levels, and indicated that Bramptonians’ top concerns are traffic, taxes, and transit.

Bramptonians’ top priorities according to the 2015 Community Service Satisfaction Survey
The results of the Community Service Satisfaction Survey also show that to best meet the needs of Bramptonians, the City should increase its focus on:
  • Improving Brampton's ability to attract and retain businesses
  • Increasing residents' input into planning decisions
  • Making it more user-friendly for residents to access day-to-day municipal services (e.g. paying parking tickets, obtaining permits, etc.)
  • Improving public transit and road infrastructure for all those who use Brampton's roads (motorists, pedestrians, transit riders, and cyclists)
The Community Service Satisfaction Survey is a valuable tool to inform Council and City Staff about the priorities of residents across the City. From 2016 onward, the Community Service Satisfaction Survey will be an annual process overseen by the Office of Community Engagement.
For more information about City of Brampton community engagement initiatives, please contact Pamela Clark, Community Engagement Coordinator, at