Budget 2016 Engagement Meetings: Connecting with Business, Sports and Seniors

​As part of the Let’s Connect Budget 2016 process, the Office of Community Engagement organized a series of meetings where the Mayor and Council members met with various stakeholder groups from across Brampton.
These engagement meetings gave diverse groups of residents, including seniors, business partners and sport groups - a chance to provide input about their community’s needs. Residents also had the opportunity to speak directly to the Mayor and Council members about their long-term priorities.
During these meetings, some major key messages were:
  • Many seniors are caretakers of their grandchildren and use recreational facilities socially. As such, they would benefit if recreation facilities and programming reflected their schedules by being more accessible during the school day
  • Members of the sports community expressed a great need for local world-class facilities to hold national and international sport tournaments in Brampton
  • Business partners believe the city will benefit from investment in economic development, long term financial planning, corporate excellence and major city initiatives
  • Bramptonians need assistance from the City when investigating and applying for grants
  • Residents recommend regularly scheduled newcomer tours to showcase what our beautiful city has to offer


The excellent feedback we received from the public during these meetings will inform Council as they make their decisions about Budget and beyond. We thank those who participated in these lively, informative discussions, and look forward to connecting with you in the future.