Highway 427 Industrial Secondary Plan (Area 47)

Secondary Plan Area 47 is situated in northeast Brampton and is generally bounded by Mayfield Road to the north, Castlemore Road to the south, Highway 50 to the east, and The Gore Road to the west.
On September 10, 2014, City Council approved the Official Plan Amendment to implement the Highway 427 Industrial Secondary Plan, which establishes land use designations and a policy framework that will guide the development of a complete community with residential, retail, institutional and employment land uses. It also protects lands for the planning of the future GTA West Corridor.
To view the Council Transmittal Report including Official Plan Amendment 2006-105 click here.
Colour versions of the Schedules that appear in black and white on the attached link can be accessed here.
Area 47 is planned to accommodate 27,000 people and 20,500 jobs at build-out that results in a density of 46 persons and jobs per hectare.  This density is in accordance with the City’s Growth Management objectives and the City’s contribution to the Region of Peel’s achievement of its Greenfield density target.
The Council approved Official Plan Amendment for the Area 47 Secondary Plan in September 2014.  Official Plan Amendment 2006-105 has since been appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).  A hearing date has not been scheduled to date by the OMB.
For more information on the Highway 427 Industrial Secondary Plan (Area 47), please contact:

Malik Majeed, Policy Planner
City of Brampton
(905) 874-2076