Secondary Plan Review

​The City of Brampton is currently undertaking a secondary plan review.

While some areas of Brampton are still developing, others are now built up and not expected to experience major change. Many of these plans date back to the mid-1970s and have become outdated as communities develop. Some of them also reference old versions of the Official Plan, which leads to policies being interpreted inconsistently.

The plans for these older areas are the ones being reviewed. The secondary plan review won’t look at new development areas. It also won’t change existing land uses or density targets.

The City of Brampton currently has 54 designated secondary plans areas. The review will reduce this number, and result in plans that are consistent, current and easier to understand.

What's Involved

  • Making sure the terms used for land use designations are consistent in every secondary plan
  • Updating mapping to include current information on roads, schools and parks
  • Ensuring all plans refer to the most current Official Plan, not older versions

We are now in the fourth and final stage of this review. This involves a number of steps, including:

  • Combining smaller secondary plans into larger areas that reflect their geography and community characteristics
  • Renaming some secondary plans based on identifiable community names (e.g. Bramalea, Heart Lake, Snelgrove, Springdale, etc.)
  • Updating and standardizing policies and wording within each plan
  • Eliminating duplication of policies already existing in the Official Plan. General policies such as Transportation and Urban Design will be deleted.

A Recommendation Report was presented to Planning Committee on June 20, 2016 to present the proposed approach for undertaking the review of Brampton’s Secondary Plans.

Notice of Public Meeting

A Statutory Public Meeting to present the draft Official Plan Amendments has been scheduled for March 5, 2018. An Open House will be held starting at 6:15 pm. For a copy of the staff report, please click here.

For more information on the City's Secondary Plan Review please contact:

Claudia LaRota, MCIP, RPP
Policy Planner, Land Use Policy
Phone: 905-874-3844 | Fax: 905-874-2099