Official Plan Review

Op Plan Review 

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What is an Official Plan?

An Official Plan acts as a road map for how a community grows and develops. It is a legal document that guides the location and type of housing, industry, offices and shops, as well as the infrastructure needed to support a growing city – streets, parks, transit, schools and recreational amenities. The goals and objectives set out in the Plan work to balance the interests of each property owner with those of the greater community. 

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Why are we doing this review now?


The Planning Act requires that a municipality’s Official Plan be updated at least every five years. Since Brampton’s current Official Plan was adopted by Council in 2006 and partially approved by the Ontario Municipal Board in 2008, it is time for the City to review its Official Plan and make sure that it continues to reflect our community's needs.


As the city continues to grow, we must regularly revisit the Official Plan to ensure that we are realizing the city's collective vision and responding to our community's needs.


The purposes of a five-year review are to check the effectiveness of the Plan, to ensure that it remains current with changes in provincial legislation, and to improve or enhance our policies to help the City achieve its strategic goals and objectives.


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