People use different types of transportation (train, bus, car, bicycle, walking) to get to the places they need to be. We travel from home to our place of work, to school and to our recreational and social activities.

The purpose of this review is to identify and prepare policies that provide planning direction for multi-modal transportation issues in the City of Brampton.

The objective of the Transportation Policy Review is to:

  • identify policies that need to be updated to reflect current plans, programs and strategic priorities, such as the Bicycle Facilities Implementation Program, Transportation Master Plan (TMP), GTA West Corridor and the latest Provincial initiatives including The Big Move, mobility hubs and possible rapid transit
  • determine if there is sufficient policy direction on planning for Active Transportation.

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Gateway Mobility Hubs and Intensification Corridors Opportunities and Constraints Study

Mobility hubs are places of connectivity where different types of transportation – like walking, biking and transit – come together, and where there is an intensive concentration of working, living, shopping and/or playing. They serve an important function in the regional transportation system, as the beginning, end or transfer point for a significant number of trips.

Effective transit and transportation can protect our environment, contribute to a healthy economy and improve our quality of life.

The City’s study will:

  • Assess the changing role and function of the Bramalea GO and Mount Pleasant GO mobility hubs
  • Assess intensification corridors and major transit station areas that are currently designated in the Official Plan as part of the Sustainable City Structure
  • Identify an updated vision, role and function for intensification corridors and major transit station areas, as appropriate

Please click here to review the presentation by Perkins + Will  to the March 2017 stakeholders meeting that includes a summary of key findings, the emerging City Concept as well as a draft proof of concept for the Bramalea GO mobility hub. Staff will continue working on the Official Plan Review in conjunction with the development of the Planning Vision. There will be engagement sessions in the Fall and opportunities to provide input on the planning and design framework and the proposed City Structure.

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