​Retail Policy Review

Retailing provides goods and services for local residents and shoppers and includes uses such as retail stores, grocery stores and restaurants. Retailing provides jobs and plays an important part in Brampton’s economy.

This study will:

  • review current market trends and projections with respect to retailing
  • review the current commercial policy framework to make sure there is enough commercial space to accommodate existing and future needs
  • detemine if commercial space is appropriately planned within the city
  • identify potential areas for intensification opportunities for higher order commercial functions and mixed-use development
  • update the retail hierarchy and policies of the Official Plan and develop strategies to support the development of the retail sector
  • The City has retained J.C. Williams Group Ltd. to complete the Retail Policy Review.

Please click here to review the presentation by J.C. Williams Group’s Team to the March 2017 stakeholders meeting that describes their findings, recommended policy approach and details of the proposed mixed-use hierarchy. Staff will continue working on the Official Plan Review in conjunction with the development of the Planning Vision. There will be public engagement sessions in the Fall and opportunities to provide input on the proposed retail policies.

For more information, please contact:

Malik Majeed, MCIP, RPP
Policy Planner, Land Use Policy
Phone: 905.874.2076 | Email: