Population and Employment Forecasts

Planning for growth in Brampton requires an understanding of both past development activity and likely future development activity. Population and employment forecasts provide the City with information on which to base decisions about how, where, and when Brampton will grow.

This review will update the long-term population and employment forecasts and propose policy changes to the Official Plan to guide decisions regarding the amount, location and pace of growth in Brampton.

This review is related to the update of the Region of Peel’s forecasts – the City’s updated population and employment forecasts must conform to the forecasts established for Brampton in the Region’s Official Plan. (The Region’s forecasts must conform to the forecasts established for it in the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe.) The update of the Region’s forecasts is in progress.

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Brian Lakeman, MCIP, RPP
Growth Management Policy Planner
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