Parkland Dedication By-law Review

Beginning in 2008, the City undertook a review of its Parkland Dedication By-law in two phases. From this review, the City has a new Parkland Dedication By-law, Official Plan Amendment, and CIL rate structure.  

Phase 2 Review (2013)

Phase 2 of the review was completed in Fall 2013. Council endorsed the recommendations in the report and approved the Official Plan Amendment and the new Parkland Dedication By-law 283-2013. The new by-law has been in effect since October 23, 2013.

Phase 1 Review (2008-2012)

Phase 1 of the review was completed in March 2012, including an update to the land values used in the calculation of CIL. 

Background Discussion Papers​​ (2009-2010)

As part of the review of Brampton's Parkland Dedication By-law, three discussion papers were prepared covering the geographies of the Central Area and the Greenfields Area. A third paper addressed city-wide Service Level and Cash Flow relating to the use of cash in lieu of parkland (CIL). 

Central Area Discussion Paper

Central AreaFull Document

  • Significant intensification is planned for the Central Area and, in much of the area, the planning policies envision a substantial change in character. In particular, the area between Centre Street to Highway 410 is expected to evolve from an automobile-oriented commercial area with minimal residential population to a mixed-use, urban area including high density residential development.
  • Goals for the parks / open space system are to provide high quality public spaces and create incentives for redevelopment.

Greenfields Area Discussion Paper

Greenfields AreaFull Document

  • The ‘Greenfields Area’ encompasses the outlying areas of the City that are largely undeveloped and may be involved in some form of secondary plan or block plan creation, and as such, have not yet formally contributed parkland dedication requirements through the development review process.
  • The goals for the parks/open space system in these areas will be to collect parkland requirements through dedication or cash in lieu (CIL) and subsequently to assemble sufficient parkland to ensure that land and facility service level targets are achieved.

Service Levels and Cash Flow Discussion Paper

Service Levels and Cash FlowFull Document

  • Comprehensively identify the potential demands on the Cash in Lieu (CIL) of Parkland Reserve.
  • Understand the impacts of parkland acquisition and other CIL funded expenditures.
  • Introduce the Recreational Planning Area (RPA) concept of modelling parkland supply and determining Community Park Service Levels for each.
  • Understand where the City stands on existing and projected City Park Service Levels.
  • Understand what needs to be achieved, through the redrafting of the Parkland Dedication By-law, to address long term CIL-funded expenditures