Transit-Supportive Townhouse Design Guidelines

The Transit–Supportive Townhouse Design Guidelines were approved by Council on May 6, 2015. They have been added as Part VI, Section 5 of Development Design Guidelines.


Townhouses are an important building and development form that contributes to higher density, are compact, more affordable and support transit. New forms of townhouses are evolving depending on locations and site conditions. For guidance on their planning, design and appropriate locations within the City of Brampton please refer to the Transit-Supportive Townhouse Design Guidelines.

The Transit-Supportive Townhouse Design Guidelines will:
  • Provide design guidance on the development of transit-supportive townhouses in Brampton;
  • Encourage and facilitate higher density development along transit corridors, in transit hubs/nodes and in proximity to transit services;
  • Clarify the City’s expectations to developers for high quality and compatible developments;
  • Support Planning and Infrastructure Services staff in their evaluation of townhouse applications and streamline the approval process.

To access the Transit-Supportive Townhouse Design Guidelines click here

To see the staff report and presentation click here

Based on Council direction, staff will continue to strengthen supportive policies in the Official Plan for townhouse developments and update the current zoning by-law to better reflect the various townhouse typologies and the provisions of the guidelines.


For more information, please contact: Madhuparna Debnath, at or 905-874-2084