Brampton Urban Design Awards


The Brampton Urban Design Awards celebrate achievements in design, architecture and landscape architecture. These awards, given out every two years, recognize the creativity and excellence of those who are working to fill Brampton with innovative, high-quality environments. They advocate for Brampton as a city worthy of thoughtful urban design and public spaces.

Projects are submitted in one of seven categories:

  • Building – Residential, commercial, institutional, industrial/employment, mixed-use
  • Heritage Restoration – In-situ renovation, restoration, adaptive reuse
  • New Landscape – Public space, park, stormwater pond, valley, streetscape, planting feature
  • New Neighbourhood – 50 acres or more, with defined character, centre, edges and recognition elements
  • Concept or Plan – City-endorsed master plans, projects, studies, designs
  • Healthy and Sustainable Development – Sustainable greenfield development, infill, transit-oriented/transit-supportive design, green technology
  • Project Marketing – Materials promoting high-quality projects in Brampton (brochures, video/web-based presentations, sales pavilions)

We are proud to present a publication, highlighting the past and present innovative, high-quality design that is helping build a better, more beautiful, livable Brampton.

2016 Brampton Urban Design Awards Winners

Click here to see the winners of the 2016 Brampton Urban Design Winners.​​​