Why Invest

Brampton is on the verge of a significant and deliberate transformation. We’re energized with a new knowledge and inspired by a new way of thinking. We have prioritized innovation and entrepreneurship to foster jobs and technological breakthroughs. Our workforce gives us a competitive edge and makes us a national leader for attracting, developing and retaining new jobs and talent. It’s a place where people want to live and make a living. Defined by its energy, Brampton is shifting, and its all happening NOW. Find out more on why to invest.​

2nd Fastest growing city in Canada 14,000 new residents per year​​

36.5 Lowest average age in Canada​​

9th largest city in Canada

650,000 population​

​Largest supply of vacant land adjacent to Canada's Largest Airport

Young, Diverse Workorce 234 cultures speaking 115 languages

Access to 4.3M Labour pool across the GTA

Centrally located in the middle of Ontario's​ Super Innovation Corridor​

​Transcontinental highways accessing 158M consumers​

HOME to the largest Intermodal Terminal in Canada ​

Success Stories

Rogers Logo

As our largest employer, we are thrilled to have Rogers Communications located here in Brampton and here is why.

Plexxis Logo

Plexxis Software recently relocated to Brampton and here is why.

Medtronic Logo

Medtronic, located their national headquarters here and here is why.

Brannon Steel Logo

Brannon Steel has been located in Brampton for 50 years and here is why.

Keen Logo

Keen Footware recently located their new Canadian Headquarters in Brampton and here is why.

Top Businesses